You Have Eight Seconds Before This Message Self-Destructs

Here’s a digital Mission: Impossible – you have only eight seconds to get your audience’s attention. The reason, if you choose to accept it, is because our attention spans are shorter than a goldfish’s (it can concentrate for nine seconds).

Research shows that only 28% of words are read on the average 593 word web page. Are our sub-goldfish attention levels driving this desire for brevity or is technology affecting our attention spans? If you’ve got an idea – your own or your goldfish’s – let us know on [email protected] or LinkedIn.

So what are the best digital marketing tools to grab attention in eight seconds or less?

  • Twitter opens up an instantaneous conversation. It takes two seconds to interact with a huge audience in 140 characters. Make the headline compelling, add a great image and you’ll get their attention.

  • Vine lets you get your message across in six seconds. Less than a quarter of brands use video to reach consumers, yet 76% of Internet users are expected to view videos online by 2015. Use a short video to tell a story and be memorable.

  • LinkedIn posts connect you with the right audience in three seconds. Taking a few seconds to share content helps to speak directly and quickly to your target market, ideal if you’re looking to reach a B2B audience.

  • Images are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Use imagery to your advantage by deploying your message in interest-grabbing infographics, animations and gifs.

Rich content grabs your audience’s attention. A great idea, briefly stated, is the ultimate goal for digital marketing today. If you’re still reading, your mission is to share this content to avoid it self-destructing in three…two…one…