No Mullet Required - Our Pick of 2014’s Key Digital Marketing Trends

“If you are not a trend setter, at least be able to exploit the ones you see.” Jeffrey Fry

You don’t have to rock a mullet to stay one step ahead of the crowd in 2014.  But if questionable hairstyles aren’t the answer, what is? How can you ‘exploit’ the trends that will be the most profitable for your business? In line with Jeffrey Fry’s advice, you’re free to take full advantage of our selection of the five key digital marketing trends for 2014 – mullet optional, of course.

1.Growth hacking – once upon a time, the term ‘hacking’ was only associated with sneaky ways of getting information that maybe you shouldn’t have access to. Now growth hacking has a more salubrious profile and is a low cost way of analysing how your customers behave online in order to better adjust your products and services to meet their needs. Twitter, Facebook and Mind Candy are all examples of companies who have successfully used this marketing technique to grow rapidly.

2.Local search – with the rise of 4G, more of us will be accessing content online via our smart phones. 2014 is the year we need to consider how to be found online by local searches made on a smart phone and it can help to consider displaying TAP (telephone, address and postcode) on your website(s). Take a look at this article from our friends at e-consultancy which will give you some useful tips about local search.

3.Number crunching – finally not as painful as doing those ab crunches at the gym! This year will see the opportunity for you to create your own digital dashboards so that you view search, social, content and PR results all in one place. This functionality is long overdue and will give you the bigger picture of how visitors are engaging with your business – from the first click to the last.

4.Keep it personal – we don’t often get a chance to do this in marketing. 2014 is the year where keeping it personal will help you to engage with your audience. To take full advantage of personalised communication to better engage with your audience, use social media as research to understand what your audience is interested in and deliver content of interest back to them in a personal way.

5.Marketing as a service – in 2014, marketing will be seen as a service rather than an opportunity to promote a product or solution.  This is because we have more tools at our fingertips to deliver content that is rich, engaging, relevant, timely and personalised. In turn, our content can better serve our customers and prospects based what they are interested in.

What do you foresee as the biggest trends in 2014? Share your thoughts on our LinkedIn page.