Five ways to get (social media) lucky on St Patrick's Day

How’s your social media strategy? Unless you have the luck of the Irish, getting it right can be as hit or miss as finding that winning lottery ticket or backing the winner at the races.

This St Patrick’s Day we’d like to help you get lucky with your social media by giving you five quick and simple tips to engage with your audience. Tell us what you think on LinkedIn – we’d like to know if our tips help you get lucky.

1.Be social – Ok, we know that St Patrick’s Day is a great excuse for those of us who aren’t Irish to enjoy a Guinness or two, but it’s also a good excuse to be social with your audience. What could you send your customers or prospects on this day that would help bring a  little luck to their business or support their common challenges?

2.Be timely – with national days such as St Patrick’s Day and public holidays such as Easter, it’s important to be timely with your content. The best way to support this is to have a plan or a content calendar that marks out key events happening either industry wide or across the UK. Make sure your content is already ready to go – it will make your customers feel that you are always on trend no matter what is happening. Take a look at these companies that embraced the London tube strikes.

3.Be interesting – we’re bombarded by content on a regular basis, whether it’s a text message, email, phone call, Skype or WhatsApp. So, the best way to cut through the noise is to be interesting and creative. Story-telling and visuals are a really powerful way of not just cutting through the noise but remaining memorable thereafter.

4.Be visual – we say this a lot but it’s proven that we process images 90 times faster than words. Also, we don’t really read online anymore (just 40% of us read pages with more than 111 words) So, to get your message across, keep it short and keep it visual – it’ll be easy for us to see it in a crowd.

5.Get lucky – It’s about understanding what is resonating with your audience and for that you need to be using social media tools. One of our favourites is Sprout Social media, where you can sign up to a 30 day free trial, to find out what interests your audience and feed that content back to them –  this way marketing will finally become a services rather than a sell!

We hope that helps you stay lucky this St Patrick’s Day. Tell us what other content you’d like from us next month and we’ll get writing!