Digital Marketing Trends 2016 – what’s in Santa’s sack?

Those merry elves at Sofarbeyond have managed to persuade Father Christmas (a.k.a. Santa) to take some time out of his busy schedule and let you in on some top secret info.

So – forget the Christmas shopping. The turkey can wait. Kick back with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie to discover the biggest trends in digital marketing for 2016 – our treat.

  1. You looking at me? Targeted video advertising will dominate the market place, allowing brands to target their users unique preferences. This means the next time you search for ‘what do cats wear for Christmas’, you may be be followed around by cat ads. Cat lovers will rejoice, cat haters may have second thoughts!

  2. Will apps replace mobile sites? In 2016, app indexing is likely to mean an upsurge in the number of mobile apps. While mobile-optimised websites aren’t on their way out, apps offer businesses the chance to engage with consumers in more convenient, direct ways. Which means you can do your Christmas shopping discreetly whilst at work – result.

  3. Mobile kicks desktop to the curb. In 2016, more of us will use our phones to engage online than using our desktops. Brands with their finger on the pulse know this is where to target their customers. This means more – and better – opportunities to make new connections online. So don’t worry about bringing your phone out during Christmas lunch if family tension arises.

  4. Digital assistants do the searching for us. Now you don’t even have to pick up your phone to find something. Those clever minions, Siri and Cortana, are always on hand to help you out. Too lazy to type Christmas gifts into Google? Let your digital assistants take care of it for you.

  5. Virtual reality ads take us to new places. Virtual reality advertising will transport us into a different world in 2016, showcasing relevant ads based on our online interactions. Fantasising about escaping to a beach while your in-laws have their traditional Christmas argument? Grab an Oculus Rift and you’re (nearly) there.

  6. Wearable Tech expands. In 2016, more of us will have wearable tech devices as they become more prevalent in the marketplace. The Apple Watch paved the way, but many more manufacturers are getting in on the game. Make sure you put the request in early on your Christmas list – Father Christmas may just hear your prayer!

While Santa puts his feet up in the New Year, here at Sofarbeyond we’re raring to go and conquer 2016!