4 Content Marketing Strategies

Welcome to the newly re-launched Sofarbeyond website. This is the place to find out about the latest happenings in the digital world. At the moment, we are super excited about the role of content marketing, which in our opinion lies at the heart of a good search and social media strategy. Here are some tips to consider from our trusted friends at E-consultancy (18.4.2013)


Content Marketing is the new buzzword. And as with buzzwords, every agency is trying to capture a slice of the action – but this means they all have their own definitions. Which leads to confusion.

Naturally SEOs were the first to jump on Content Marketing as content and links are so intrinsically linked to success, but there’s a lot more to it than SEO.

Content marketing – where to start?


It’s unlikely that we are going to reach a commonly accepted definition of content marketing, so it’s important to be prepared before you engage. Your overarching goals should be clearly defined and should dictate the strategy.

Different types of content strategies will achieve different goals and the two main content approaches can be defined as:

  •  Brand
  •  Direct Response

Brand based content tends to have huge reach, creates a lot of social buzz and has sizeable advertising backing. However, these campaigns tend to drive less benefits in areas such organic search than a DR focussed campaign.

DR based content is more focussed towards driving organic search success. The content strategy will deliver valuable new on-site content and very specific off-site content that will drive links.

However, this type of content will not drive anywhere near as much brand recognition when compared to a brand focussed strategy.

Each content strategy has vastly different outcomes, so as I mentioned early it is vital to set clear goals for the campaign.

Content marketing results


Content marketing simply cannot work in a silo, and whilst all the various types of agency are developing product offerings ultimately the best results will be achieved through three areas:

  • Clear objectives, KPIs measurement criteria.
  • Using your objectives and KPIs to define your content strategy, don’t let your agency push you down a route just because that’s where their skillset lies.
  • Collaboration between agencies – I firmly believe that a single agency cannot own Content Marketing because there is far too much crossover between channels, it should be a collaboration between creative, SEO, social, media and PR.

Remember Content Marketing is about producing great content, not vast amounts of poor or average quality content.