Know yourself – inside and out.

Looking to reach new heights at work? Want to go for that next promotion, but feel stuck? Thinking of expanding your business, but unsure of the next step? Want to sell more effectively, become a better leader or improve team productivity?

Then our Connect programme will help you and your team to explore new horizons.

Based on awareness practices, the Connect programme is dedicated to developing self-knowledge and emotional intelligence at work. It’s designed to give you a better insight into who you are and how you relate to others, so you and your team can experience:

• Improved communication
• Effective presentation and enhanced management skills
• A deep understanding of verbal/non-verbal communication
• More effective leadership and relationship skills
• A recognition of different group dynamics
• Conflict resolution

Business, body and beyond

Using one-to-one sessions, a group day workshop or a team-building weekend course, our Connect programmes apply awareness techniques to understand how you interact with the world. This means you can begin to develop and explore other ways of being to best serve you and your business.

To book either a one-to-one, group session or training day, please use the contact form.