Our clients

We usually work with mid-enterprise level businesses. These include film production, e-commerce and software companies, although we have the expertise to help any company improve their online presence.

Here’s a selection of some of the fantastic clients we’ve worked with so far.

“It is rare to find an agency that can provide a truly integrated service that not just meets the brief but exceeds it.”

Alastair Rees

“Sofarbeyond took our creative ideas and seamlessly translated them digitally. Our web traffic has hugely increased and we are very pleased with all the results.”

Andreas Zehntner

“Anita is an amazing project manager. She integrated herself seamlessly into the team, understood the brief and delivered exactly what we needed.”

Fiona Harrington

“Sofarbeyond have a comprehensive knowledge of good SEO techniques based on the way Google ranks webpages.”

Alex Reeves

“Sofarbeyond are a company dedicated to making what seems challenging, easy.”

Celest Pereira

“Sofarbeyond helped to develop our objectives, and then explained things clearly and concisely in a jargon-free way. My company’s SEO rankings have significantly improved, driving more traffic to our website.”

Charlie Taylor-Rugman

“The care and attention we got from Sofarbeyond means that we don’t feel like ‘just another client.”

Amy Pacy

“We chose Sofarbeyond because they are very professional and knowledgeable in the areas of search engine optimisation, with a great can do attitude.”

Jacqueline Smith

Sofarbeyond excel. They work closely with us to fully understand our business and key objectives to build out the social media plan and provide real creative flair and imagination in their execution.

David Bloxham

Sofarbeyond were particularly savvy in building out our digital essentials: specifically with SEO and building a commercially successful Adwords presence.

Matthew Parker

“We engaged with Sofarbeyond as they are specialists in digital marketing and the creative services space. I would definitely recommend them, as they have helped us get our work out to the right people.”

Sean Singleton

Sofarbeyond are open and clear about what they do, and take time with one to one consultancy to inspire you take charge of your marketing.

Paul McLoone

“Anita is wonderful in helping explain digital to non-natives and non-marketing people. She puts things in simple terms with excellent visuals and help explain why what we are talking about is so important.”

Julie Wood, OCG

“Sofarbeyond is a company with high octane professionalism and integrity.”

James Bradley

“Sofarbeyond have been thorough, attentive and insightful in assessing our online visibility, and we have enjoyed instant success in jumping up the Google rankings. They have…quickly turned themselves into a trusted partner agency and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with them”.

Tom Angell

Sofarbeyond take the time to ensure you understand why certain marketing plans have further reach than others…getting us on the front page of Google for the most common searches for our industry.

Claire Harris

After implementing SFB’s suggestions…we quickly noticed improvements to our organic search engine rankings which led to measurable uplifts in business turnover.

Bruce Tegart

“Results are amazing: Year On Year traffic is up 95%. Anita and the team are on the ball, and all over it. We are delighted with the results!”

Sarah Newman

“A fantastic outcome – Sofarbeyond achieved first page search results for our brand new agency site in a very short space of time.”

Kathleen Carter

“An excellent achievement! Anita is personable, concise and understands our business.”

Ed Vorwerk

Great. Reliable, passionate and strategic in delivery. We would recommend them.

Mike Dorian

“Anita is always coming up with creative ways for us to maximise our online presence. Visits to the site nearly tripled within three months.”

Nick Saunders

Sofarbeyond helped to raise and maintain our page 1 keyword rankings on Google and recommended a well-tailored search strategy

Harry Sheward

“Attentive, focused, creative – Sofarbeyond are a totally invaluable part of our digital strategy.”

Paul White

We were keen to make MPH more visible online and enviably drive more work and traffic to our website. Sofarbeyond did just that and it was great to measure the results month on month. Anita and the Sofarbeyond team are fantastic, so helpful, highly responsive and pleasure to work with – I would certainly recommend their services.

Rupert Bryan

“We’ve seen steady improvement in Google rankings which has made Hyperactive more visible to clients.”

Andrew Casher

“The level and standard of knowledge and service is exceptional… Anita has really helped supercharge the desired results.”

Ross McIvor